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The Importance of Joining an Inventor Group

Join an Inventor Group to find resources and help! Join a group Today! Getting information you need to make good decisions is critical to your success. I can’t recommend enough how much joining an inventor groups can benefit you. Particularly one that is associated with the United Inventor’s Association (UIA). Our Meetup Groups are a Gold Certified UIA group

Participating in a meeting exposes you to the good, the bad, and the ugly on inventing and getting your idea to market. We offer a couple options each month in the form of virtual meetings and we are a gold seal member of the UIA. Our meetings are offered through Meetups and anyone anywhere is welcome to join. It is a safe space to gather information and get access to recommendations for quality service providers you can trust.

So why a meeting and not a book? Books are designed to sell, but that doesn’t mean they have a guarantee that the information in them is the best advice. They don’t come with the ability to participate in discussions with others, or the ability to ask questions to the author. Meetings offer those things. You get exposed to different speakers.

There are usually Q and A sessions at some point and they give you the opportunity to network. You can tell people where you are at in your process and get pointers for what you should do next. It might be beneficial before attending one to create a spreadsheet outlining where you are at in the process.

If you aren’t sure what the process entails, download the Inventor’s Galaxy Guide from It’s a free resource that outlines the 7 phases of the process. They focus quite a bit on licensing in it as we have found that most inventors don’t want to invest the $250,000 it takes to treat your invention as a startup or spend the funds to protect your idea should your patent get infringed on. But that’s another great thing about meetings, you get introduced to different options and hear about what other options inventors have pursued.

So take the time to get exposure to inventors who have been in your shoes, or may currently be looking for the same help you are. Information about our virtual meetings can be found on this website, including the links to join. We hope to welcome you to our next one!

Inventors Round Table [EAST] 4th MONDAY of the Month Inventors Round Table Virtual East

Inventors Round Table [CENTRAL] 2nd Thursday of the Month Inventors Round Table Virtual Central

Inventors Round Table [WEST] 2nd Thursday of the Month Inventors Round Table Virtual West

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